Forget songs of praise, law firms will be battling to sing FOR praise next month. Irwin Mitchell, Shoosmiths, Devonshires and Stewarts Law are confirmed as competitors in the AvMA Medical-Legal Choir Challenge 2014.

Not only will the choirs – from legal and medical backgrounds – be judged by a panel of experienced choir professionals and performers, but audience support will also count. The louder and more sustained the applause, the more the choirs score.

The sing-off, which has been sponsored by Temple Legal Protection, will take place at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, Shaftesbury Avenue, London, in the evening of 15 October.

And for those who have always fancied themselves as the next Pavarotti but limited their operatic efforts to singing in the shower, an AvMA/Legal Harmony Choral Workshop will be held at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church on 30 September, from 6pm-8pm.

In the meantime, Obiter would like suggestions for a choral repertoire likely to appeal to a medical-legal audience.