Lawyers are probably one of the few people who like reading the small print – if they haven’t drafted it, they at least understand the jargon. So Obiter was surprised to hear about one who doesn’t like small print.

Solicitor-advocate Marina Williamson (pictured), who specialises in criminal, family and regulatory law at Enfield firm OJN Solicitors, has called for better health warnings for over-the-counter hair-dye products.

Speaking to the London Evening Standard, Williamson recalled how an extreme allergic reaction to a dye product left her ‘hours from death’.

Obiter has so far resisted the urge to hit the hair-dye bottle in a bid to cover an ever-increasing number of grey strands. However we understand instructions accompanying the product state one should apply a small sample and wait up to 72 hours to see if symptoms develop.

However, Williamson, who carried out an allergy test 48 hours before she used the dye, told the Standard the warning on products is too small and not good enough.

‘You can use the same dye for 20 years and have no reaction but one day it can be fatal,’ she said. ‘I carried out the allergy test 48 hours before I used the dye, but the effects can take much longer to manifest.’

After hearing about Williamson’s experience, Obiter might just embrace those grey hairs a little while longer.