As the excellent Twitter handle @VeryBritishProblems explains, the term 'team building away day’ is one of life’s four-word horror stories (the others being ‘rail replacement bus service’, ‘tell us about yourself’ and ‘we’re out of milk’).

But things are different, it would seem, at Riverview Law.

The fixed price, new-model firm with a penchant for a catchphrase (‘Legal input. Business output’) dragged staff away from their desks for the firm’s Annual One Team Away Day on Friday.

And what larks they had.

The firm’s Twitter feed has a rundown of the frolics on offer, which included making and racing paper planes, designing a coat of arms and building a tower with spaghetti.

Obiter doesn’t doubt that chief executive Karl Chapman enjoyed himself, but describing the challenges as ‘hysterical’ would suggest a man who is easily pleased.

Chapman added: ‘I never realised how controversial building a spaghetti tower could be!!! The @RiverviewLaw team is sooo competitive!’

With more than a hint of David Brent, the firm reflected on a day which featured ‘so much fun & laughter whilst reflecting on the past 12 months & looking to the next’.

Obiter hopes Chapman didn’t bring his guitar along for an impromptu jam.