Anyone who has just invested thousands in a trendy stand-up desk may be advised to sit down before reading further. It turns out that the health benefits of working standing up may not be all that great after all. A systematic review of research by the world-renowned Cochrane Library declaims soberly that they are ‘very uncertain’.

According to the study’s author, standing instead of sitting increases energy expenditure hardly at all, ‘so we should not expect a sit-stand desk to help in losing weight’.

This does not mean that standing up is bad for you – after all, Winston Churchill and Leo Tolstoy lived to a ripe old age – just that no one has bothered to do a proper investigation. In the best tradition of science, the authors conclude: ‘We need further research.’

Obiter is willing to contribute, at least at an anecdotal level. What strategies do solicitors have for ensuring that backsides and seats get a break from each other during the day? 

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