In a recent newspaper interview, historian Lucy Worsley revealed that she has an unusual pre-nuptial agreement: she is not allowed to appear on BBC show Strictly Come Dancing. This got Obiter thinking about what other clauses couples might have in their pre-nups.

Who better to ask than high-profile family lawyer Ayesha Vardag? As well as having a pre-nup, Vardag signed a post-nuptial agreement with her husband in celebratory manner among guests, before cutting the cake, at their June wedding.

Vardag and hubby Dr Stephen Bence have a social media clause in their pre-nup to the effect that they can withdraw consent for posting any pictures or information about each other on the web at any point.

‘You hope you’ll never fall out, but we see clients in terrible revenge dramas posting embarrassing items on social media,’ says the founder and president of Vardags. ‘It’s better to set out your ground rules about all that when you’re feeling good about each other, so you don’t get into a mess if the relationship goes south.’