And so to BBC1’s The Apprentice, where we were glad to see both solicitor hopefuls survive the opening round. However Obiter’s friend Felipe Alviar-Baquero, vice-president of the British Colombian Lawyers Association, almost came unstuck in his first task by assuming too much common sense on the part of a colleague (who aimed to sell a notional, rather than a physical, T-shirt).

Obiter is wondering what the business idea is that would prompt Lord Sugar to ‘come into partnership’ with the winner.

Is it a law firm?

Sugar could co-own his own ABS after all – Alviar-Baquero & Sugar.

‘Lord Sugar,’ Obiter imagines Alviar saying, ‘our business will take on clients – people and companies. We will write wills for them, establish trusts, handle disputes, create corporate structures – all for an hourly fee and set within a solid regulatory framework. All that money you spent on lawyers down the years? With Alviar-Baquero & Sugar, you will start to get some of it back…’  

Well, if James Caan can do it…