Obiter heartily welcomes the master of the rolls’ ambition to create an integrated online civil justice system. However, we note that Sir Geoffrey Vos’s ‘direction of travel’ has some formidable obstacles lying in the way. One is what to call the whole shooting match. Sir Geoffrey’s ‘funnel’ metaphor, with connotations somewhere between Thomas the Tank Engine and a cowboy plumber, doesn’t quite do the job.

The name may sound trivial, but experience shows that a strong brand is necessary to give a project political and public traction. Preferably, it should not stress the ‘online’ element – in case anyone hasn’t noticed, being online these days is no more remarkable than having electric light.

One possibility, ‘Resolution’, has already been bagged by the admirable family justice crew. ‘National Resolution Service’ or even ‘Her Majesty’s Resolution Service’ might work, though ‘national’ might prompt objections in Scotland (and also Wales, if current trends towards jurisdictional devolution continue). Perhaps Gazette readers have some ideas? Suggestions of ‘Courty McCourtface’ will not be entertained.