Sarah ann magson

Sarah Ann Magson

We are all told the importance of a healthy diet and how that contributes to a healthy mind. But clearly solicitors in Teesside don’t play by the usual rules.

Regular readers will be aware of the quiet progress of solicitor Sarah Ann Magson on BBC show The Apprentice.

The Teesside-based Watson Woodhouse lawyer has given away little so far, but this week, during a task in which solicitors travelled to Glasgow to sell artwork, she gave us an insight into her culinary preferences.

One contestant, clearly not too au fait with life north of the border, said candidly: ’All I know about Glasgow is you can get battered chocolate bars there’.

’You get them in Middlesbrough too,’ Magson retorted, with a smile and tone that suggested the fabled treats have passed her lips on more than one occasion.

Clearly they work wonders as Magson was on the winning team again and edges ever closer to the famous ‘interviews round’ - the second from last stage in the show where remaining candidates are put to the test by Lord Sugar’s aides and advisers.