It’s awards season, which usually means it’s time for second-rate comedians to cash in and expanding waistlines to squeeze into last year’s tux. But this year also provided a moment so ironic it would blow Alanis Morissette’s mind.

Last Wednesday, at the Eclipse Proclaim Personal Injury Awards, the Media Agency Group was nominated for marketing campaign of the year. The agency had worked with north-west firm Michael W Halsall, which trades as, for its medical negligence ads.

The timing was unfortunate – that very morning the firm had been rebuked by the Advertising Standards Authority for the very same ad.

The ASA said the ad, which featured a drawing of a doctor in a warning triangle, was likely to cause ‘undue distress’ to pregnant viewers and ‘serious offence’ to medical professionals.

Alas, the campaign was denied outright victory on the night by Hilary Meredith solicitors. Commiserations all round to the Media Agency Group.