Proprietors of fish-weirs, kinsmen of Gerard de Athée and purveyors of dyed cloths in non-standard measures will be among those eagerly awaiting the opening on 12 March of the British Library’s exhibition Magna Carta: Law, Liberty, Legacy. The cultural event of 2015 will display two copies of the 1215 charter side by side, along with artefacts including Jefferson’s handwritten American Declaration of Independence and an original copy of the US Bill of Rights on display in the UK for the first time.

Obiter has a pair of tickets to give away.

For a chance to win them, we would like readers to recall Magna Carta as the original portmanteau bill, a vehicle for all sorts of measures to deal with the issues of contention of the day. If the great charter was to be rewritten in 2015, what pedestrian clauses might be forced sit alongside lofty sentiments about justice not being delayed? Suggestions for clauses, please, to by 23 February.  

Usual terms and conditions apply. Clauses referring to the current lord chancellor will be considered, but please keep them clean.