We are aware that some colleagues at the bar are regularly forgoing their lunch. But we didn’t know that those lucky enough to find a few minutes to wolf down a snack are being left with a nasty taste in their mouth.

In what Obiter can only assume is another nannying safety edict, barristers are being asked to eat with a plastic knife and fork. Some of their number find this distinctly hard to swallow.

Tim Sapwell raged: ‘Barristers are not trusted to be allowed to use real cutlery at court anymore. My plastic fork has just shattered in my quiche, but at least everyone’s safe,’ he tweeted.

In an age where a toy car can be confiscated upon entry to a court it’s hardly a surprise that the prospect of a barrister brandishing quiche-laden cutlery at a judge or – heaven forbid – an opposing instructing solicitor is eliminated.

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