The ‘typical’ user of legal services is financially stable, earns at least £35,000 and is married or living with a partner, the profession was officially informed last week.

Their most watched television shows are news programmes – with Coronation Street and Strictly Come Dancing ranking high in popular entertainment.

Almost half of consumers visit Facebook at least once a day, with 14% on Twitter and 4% on Instagram and Tumblr. Of those on Twitter, 45% follow Stephen Fry, 24% follow Jonathan Ross (!) and 21% follow the Queen’s parody profile.

Two-fifths of people had used price comparison site

Legal services users are more likely than the public to have voted Conservative in 2010, read the money and property sections of newspapers, read the Daily Mail, Times and Telegraph, and shop at Waitrose.

 The Legal Ombudsman published a survey of 32,000 people, based on profiling from survey company YouGov, who have used a legal service in the past two years. The complaints handler says the information will help to better understand consumers of legal services and improve the effectiveness of services provided. Er, yes.