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Legal IT roundtable

Roundtable: Legal IT

3 August 2015By Joanna Goodman

Cutting-edge technology can help law firms innovate and remain agile, the Gazette’s latest roundtable heard.

How to: use Twitter

How to: use Twitter

3 August 2015By

When lawyers and PR specialists talk about social media strategy, increasingly they mean Twitter

Royal Marines

Did MoD owe marine duty of care?

3 August 2015By Malcolm Johnson

Diving injuries – duties owed to military personnel outside their ‘employment’


Legal professional privilege: protection principle

3 August 2015By David McCluskey, Catherine Fischl

Lawyers must be clear with clients about the status of preliminary enquiries

Sonita hayward

​Emotional intelligence in litigation

31 July 2015By Sonita Hayward

In professional negligence cases, the preservation of a commercial relationship should be a key goal.

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Computer says yes

3 August 2015

A willingness to share good and bad experiences of IT providers and their products would benefit everyone

Royal mail

Commodifying the courts

27 July 2015

There is no reason to suppose that anything is off limits for privitisation after MoJ hikes court fees again.

Houses of Parliament

No panacea on regulation

20 July 2015

A consensus is lacking on reform, the lord chancellor will discover.

Lawyer scared by IT

In with the IT crowd

13 July 2015

Lawyers tend to be people with arts and social sciences degrees.

Slater and Gordon HQ Chancery Lane on say of Quindell acquisition

Taking stock of Slater

6 July 2015

The quoted firm’s market travails highlight one downside of flotation.

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Jonathan Goldsmith

Lawyer surveillance update

3 August 2015By

Government surveillance of lawyers’ correspondence is rarely out of the news.

Geraldine McCool

Lessons of a tragedy

3 August 2015

The legal legacy of the 1985 Manchester air disaster was immense.

Sue Bramall

Innovation in legal services - crowdfunding

31 July 2015By Sue Bramall

Crowdfunding platforms are helping to bridge the gap in public interest law.

Portrait of Chloe Smith

Can big data really pick out the best lawyers?

30 July 2015By

The use of analytics and big data may transform the way lawyers are instructed, but it’s not perfect.

David Pickup

PII renewal: scattergun or ‘sniper’?

29 July 2015By David Pickup

There must be a simpler way of completing the indemnity renewal process.

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How to: use Twitter

How to: use Twitter

3 August 2015By

When lawyers and PR specialists talk about social media strategy, increasingly they mean Twitter

How to retire

How to: plan for retirement

20 July 2015By

Solicitors should prepare for retirement as they prepared for their careers.

Building trust

How to: help clients build trust

29 June 2015By

Big companies are struggling to retain the trust of those they depend on, which is destroying value in tangible ways. Should they be listening to their lawyers?

How to judge

How to: become a judge

22 June 2015By Grania Langdon-Down

What do solicitors need to consider when applying for a judicial post?

China cartoon

How to: work in China

18 May 2015By Marialuisa Taddia

While China offers stimulating opportunities for UK lawyers, its language and culture present formidable challenges.

team player

How to: deal with problem partners

4 May 2015By

The partnership model makes parting company a complex affair. But this is often the outcome when serious difficulties arise.

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