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Twenty years as a district judge

4 February 2016By Peter Glover

What changes have impacted on access to justice over the past two decades? We hear first-hand from a judge in the county court.

Nottingham county council

PI: non-delegable duty of care

1 February 2016By Malcolm Johnson

The Court of Appeal dealt with the issue of vicarious liability after the foster child claimant suffered abuse.

Mark anderson

Governance review: commercial imperatives

1 February 2016By Mark Anderson

Is the Law Society institutionally neglectful of commercial solicitors?


Legal Russia: bear market

1 February 2016By Marialuisa Taddia

Sanctions and a shrinking economy have severely affected legal business in Russia. But there is cause for optimism.


Family court money orders

1 February 2016By Peter Glover

FPR 33 leaves district judges in a challenging position.

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Michael gove

Gove the arch-pragmatist

1 February 2016

There is rarely a political dividend in defending the blatantly indefensible.


Law firms’ growing pains

25 January 2016

Could bonds offer firms longer term financial stability?

Lord Thomas

Legal regulation: here we go again

18 January 2016

In one of the world’s most liberal markets, the CMA’s inquiry is oddly timed.


‘Traditional’ law firm virtues

11 January 2016

Liberalisation has shown there is no ‘quick buck’ to be made in the law.

Gazette Roundtable, November 2015

Candidates in context

7 December 2015

Boosting social mobility means considering candidates’ backstories.

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Monidipa Fouzder

Housing consultation rethink is needed

5 February 2016By

Stamp duty timetable highlights more than just conveyancing concerns.

Michael Cross

Nicely Nicely Gove sees off noble sneers

3 February 2016By

Lord chancellor gives a little away on the forthcoming draft British bill of rights. 

Jonathan Goldsmith

Tax and professional secrecy

2 February 2016By

Lawyers are safe from having to disclose details of tax schemes. For now.

Joshua Rozenberg

Forcing Russia to pay over Litvinenko

1 February 2016By Joshua Rozenberg

Alexander Litvinenko’s widow may find that winning a judgment against Russia is easier than enforcing one.

Debra wilson

Justice in disrepair

1 February 2016By Debra Wilson

An online court has its merits but it cannot remedy inequality of arms.

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Ls howtobea qc

How to: become a QC

25 January 2016By Katharine Freeland

Taking silk has real value for solicitor-advocates. But are the cards stacked against them?


How to: make hot-desking work

11 January 2016By

What if you left for work not knowing where you would be sitting that day? We looks at the pros and cons of hot-desking.


How to: give to charity

16 November 2015By

Your law firm is keen to do its bit for the community by donating to charity. Admirable – but there’s quite a lot to consider.


How to: return to the profession

9 November 2015By

How do you revive your legal career after taking a lengthy break? A returner course could point you in the right direction.

Ls pqe

How to: progress 4-6 years’ PQE

26 October 2015By

An economy in the doldrums shaped the early careers of today’s associates – but they are now in an enviable position as law firms compete for talent.

How to crisis

How to: plan for a crisis

5 October 2015By

Law firms should involve all staff in preparing for disaster recovery.

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