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Criminal injuries compensation

25 July 2016By Malcolm Johnson

The courts have tackled the issue of compensation for criminal injuries inflicted before birth.


Costs: post-judgment security

25 July 2016By Yvonne Jefferies

Does the court have jurisdiction to this security?

Network rail

In-house challenges

25 July 2016By Suzanne Wise

General counsel share common traits but working in the public and regulated sectors presents special challenges.

Court protest

Court closures: shutting up shop

25 July 2016By Grania Langdon-Down

Few solicitors and judges bearing the brunt of court closures reckon technology is any kind of panacea. 

Employment tribunal

Tribunal fees and access to justice

18 July 2016By Karen Baxter

The latest in the emplyment tribunal fees episode.

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Swns court closure

Courts modernisation: hitting a brick wall

25 July 2016

It is essential that the cash promised for court IT materialises.

Cube building 3

SRA: to catch a fake

18 July 2016

Failure to deal swiftly with suspect credentials harms the profession’s reputation.


Law treading water on race?

11 July 2016

Despite having had segregation in living memory, the US scores better on judicial appointments.


Brexit: home alone

4 July 2016

Our bumper legal export surplus is in jeopardy.


Robot revolution: justice and the role of technology

27 June 2016

Technology will continue to develop and become an increasingly useful way of fine-tuning a case before court.

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Jonathan Goldsmith

Undermining the UK legal system?

25 July 2016By

Germany, France and others will use Brexit to undermine the elite status of our legal system.

Rbournes cut

‘Two-tier’ legal profession danger

25 July 2016By Robert Bourns

Changes to the SRA Handbook would dilute client protections.


ABSs are no threat, so why treat them differently?

22 July 2016By

Non-lawyers must pledge to promote access to justice. That’s ridiculous.

rachel rothwell byline image 8.4.16

Would City law firms invest in a CLAF?

21 July 2016By

Could the City be persuaded to inject cash into a not-for-profit funder?

Fisher cut

Turkey and the rule of law

20 July 2016By

In the wake of Turkey’s failed coup, the purge of its judiciary is a deeply troubling development.

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How to: become a professional support lawyer

13 June 2016By Marialuisa Taddia

The role of professional support lawyer offers a better work-life balance and opportunities for career progression are multiplying.

Ls apprenticeships 2

How to: prepare for apprenticeships

7 March 2016By Grania Langdon-Down

With trailblazer apprenticeships on the horizon, what do law firms and in-house teams need to consider?

Ls howtoprogress

How to: progress in-house

29 February 2016By

When lawyers move in-house they must be prepared to take control of their own careers.


How to: sell a law firm

8 February 2016By Katharine Freeland

For those who are willing to spend time and resources preparing their own law firm for sale, there are opportunities out there.

Ls howtobea qc

How to: become a QC

25 January 2016By Katharine Freeland

Taking silk has real value for solicitor-advocates. But are the cards stacked against them?


How to: make hot-desking work

11 January 2016By

What if you left for work not knowing where you would be sitting that day? We looks at the pros and cons of hot-desking.

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