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David Wootton

Good commercial law makes good societies

27 January 2015By Sir David Wootton

None of the developments of the last millennium work without certainty of contract, property law, and clear redress to back any partnership, loan or enterprise.

Mr Justice Popplewell

Exception to the privilege rule

26 January 2015By William Irwin

The iniquity exception to privilege can prove useful in a variety of litigation contexts.

Andrew Newbury

Spousal maintenance

26 January 2015By Andrew Newbury

Disputes related to this are often the main bar to divorcing couples resolving financial disagreements. Recent comprehensive guidance aims to help.

Police CCTV

Criminal defence: defiant ones

26 January 2015By Grania Langdon-Down

Criminal defence specialists are hurting and career prospects are bleak. But many retain the appetite to fight for a viable future.

SRA Cube

Competence and assessment

26 January 2015By Crispin Passmore

Flexibility in how professional standards are met should be the cornerstone of training.

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Skype screen

Courts saved by Skype?

26 January 2015

Starting work on some of Leveson’s recommendations for the courts must be a priority.

Dominic Grieve

Lofty ideals laid low

19 January 2015

The way government has set about removing the law’s ‘height advantage’ is depressing.

Inflatable snowman

Window on solicitors’ world

12 January 2015

Firm shopfronts could be put to better use.

Parliament and Thames

Everywhere and nowhere

1 December 2014

Policymakers pay little heed to the technology that attends law reform.

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Interventions: the innocent pay, too

27 January 2015By

When a partner misbehaves, everyone around them can be tarnished.  

Jonathan Goldsmith

Endangered lawyers

26 January 2015By

As the legal revolution progresses, the danger is that the weakest and most abused clients will be pushed to the margins.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Lawyers: a class apart?

26 January 2015By

We must take great care when arguing that lawyers are ‘special’.

John McKenna

Breaking free of coercion

26 January 2015By John McKenna

Legislating emotional abuse will prove difficult.

Eduardo Reyes

Chilcot approach crowds out the rule of law

23 January 2015By

The impression left by this protracted circus is that lawyers are there to protect the powerful and wealthy.

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