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Andrew Castle

Building a brand

14 April 2014By Chris Rodgers

Law firms must build a solid brand. But it shouldn’t be too gimmicky or over-familiar, writes Chris Rodgers.


Landlord’s rights on tenant insolvency

14 April 2014By Vernon Dennis

Those facing non-payment of rent from a tenant have a number of options.

Books in library

How To: write a law book

14 April 2014By

How easy is it to gain the kudos that accrues from writing a law book?


Civil procedure: relief from sanctions

14 April 2014By Simon Allen

An overview and guidance for solicitors currently dealing with the changes post-Mitchell.

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

Argentina: gaucho club

14 April 2014By Marialuisa Taddia

In Argentina, excellent local counsel contrast with a high-inflation environment and a government that is seen as anti-business.

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Christina Blacklaws

Co-op: our mutual problems

14 April 2014

No lawyers win from perceived trouble at the Co-Op.

Shailesh Vara

Civil courts: more means less

7 April 2014

Is this about cost or small-state ideology?

Vladimir Putin

Russia: self-inflicted wound

31 March 2014

Russia was becoming a jurisdiction where private agreements could be relied upon.

George Osborne

Limited appeal

24 March 2014

LLP numbers have been creeping up.

Khawar Qureshi QC

Commercial Court falls short

17 March 2014

London’s ‘Rolls-Royce’ Commercial Court is in need of a service.

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Jonathan Goldsmith

PII – a flawed framework

18 April 2014By

Problems in the cross-border insurance market will continue as long as member states’ legal systems differ.


How can Co-op recover from this?

17 April 2014By

Losses are disastrous for the ABS pioneer, which is now hamstrung by a toxic brand.

Murray Heining

Costs management is here to stay

17 April 2014By Murray Heining

The removal of the £2m-plus cases costs management exemption will ultimately lead to clarity for both solicitors and clients.

Michael Cross

Lloyd George’s secretary knew my father

16 April 2014By

No commemoration of 1914 can overlook the most influential solicitor of all time. 

Catherine Baksi

The end of the affair

14 April 2014By

Many criminal solicitors feel betrayed by the bar on legal aid. But they must not be embittered.

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