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Supreme Court

Patient consent and medical advice

22 May 2015By Heather Grimbaldeston

Supreme Court ruling on consent puts patient choice at the forefront and leaves the door open to more litigation.

Sterling coins

Civil procedure: costs recoverability

18 May 2015By Masood Ahmed

Do the provisions under the Civil Procedure Rules concerning costs recoverability in Aarhus Convention claims apply to public bodies?


Transforming summary justice

18 May 2015By

Will the latest initiative to make magistrates’ courts more efficient actually work?


Financial services: regime change

18 May 2015By Marialuisa Taddia

The Financial Conduct Authority is shifting its emphasis from fining firms to calling to account senior individuals – and that means more work for lawyers. 

China cartoon

How to: work in China

18 May 2015By Marialuisa Taddia

While China offers stimulating opportunities for UK lawyers, its language and culture present formidable challenges.

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Financial Conduct Authority

Financial fair play?

18 May 2015

It seems reasonable to expect bankers to meet the same regulatory standard as solicitors.

Phone and computer

Open access conundrum

11 May 2015

Lawyers are not luddites, but technology is only a partial solution.

LSB offices, One Kemble Street

Choosing your regulator

4 May 2015

LSB says there are strict tests to prevent a ‘race to the bottom’.


Justice: a question of timing

27 April 2015

Delay can defeat justice – but so can undue haste.

London skyline

Exporting arbitration

20 April 2015

London could be surprisingly vulnerable to upstart rivals.

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Monidipa Fouzder

Relieving the tension in-house

22 May 2015By

A new report exposes the frustrations that arise in dealings between in-house lawyers and corporate executives.


Freshfields move could start London exodus

21 May 2015By

Northern powerhouses such as Leeds and Manchester are increasingly attractive to graduates. London should beware.

Jonathan Goldsmith

International trade lawyers accused

21 May 2015By

Two recent reports have put large firms in the spotlight over real or perceived conflicts of interest. Will they rebut the claims?

Paul Rogerson

Sales are for vanity, profits for sanity

20 May 2015By

Crude revenue numbers don’t tell us much about a law firm’s performance.

London Stock Exchange

Lawyers and listing

18 May 2015By Peter Noyce

As the first UK law firm flotation looms, what hard lessons can legal consolidators learn from accountants? 

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