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Appeal court refuses to lift reporting restrictions on Erol Incedal trial

12 February 2016

The Court of Appeal has refused to lift certain reporting restrictions on the trial of Erol Incedal, who was acquitted of plotting a terrorist attack in London.


New EU data protection regulation

8 February 2016By Ibrahim Hasan

The regulation will replace all data protection legislation in EU member states. What do practitioners need to do next to be ready?

alan trenchweb

Challenges of Welsh devolution

8 February 2016By Alan Trench

The draft Wales Bill must be fundamentally reworked if it is to live up to its promise.


Roundtable: junior lawyers

8 February 2016By

Partnership is not necessarily the ultimate goal for a generation of junior lawyers turned off by stress, risk and internal politics.


How to: sell a law firm

8 February 2016By Katharine Freeland

For those who are willing to spend time and resources preparing their own law firm for sale, there are opportunities out there.

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SRA: failing the test

8 February 2016

Will aspiring solicitors have to tap expensive commercial loans?

Michael gove

Gove the arch-pragmatist

1 February 2016

There is rarely a political dividend in defending the blatantly indefensible.


Law firms’ growing pains

25 January 2016

Could bonds offer firms longer term financial stability?

Lord Thomas

Legal regulation: here we go again

18 January 2016

In one of the world’s most liberal markets, the CMA’s inquiry is oddly timed.


‘Traditional’ law firm virtues

11 January 2016

Liberalisation has shown there is no ‘quick buck’ to be made in the law.

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David Pickup

A walk-on part for solicitors

12 February 2016By David Pickup

Maybe the profession should club together and help give TV solicitors a voice.


Vara’s court fees defence is a charade

10 February 2016By

Why can’t the minister just admit what we all know? This was a policy pushed through at reckless speed.

Jonathan Goldsmith

What to do now on data protection

9 February 2016By

The question of legal liability still hangs over lawyers as a concrete solution is not yet forthcoming.

Roger Smith

Civil courts reform: learning from abroad

8 February 2016By Roger Smith

Briggs LJ needs to dig out his passport and investigate how overseas pioneers are reforming the civil courts.

Carolyn cote lussier

Debunking stereotypes of criminals

8 February 2016By Dr Carolyn Côté-Lussier

Challenging public attitudes would help the government fulfil its ambitious plans for penal reform.

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How to: sell a law firm

8 February 2016By Katharine Freeland

For those who are willing to spend time and resources preparing their own law firm for sale, there are opportunities out there.

Ls howtobea qc

How to: become a QC

25 January 2016By Katharine Freeland

Taking silk has real value for solicitor-advocates. But are the cards stacked against them?


How to: make hot-desking work

11 January 2016By

What if you left for work not knowing where you would be sitting that day? We looks at the pros and cons of hot-desking.


How to: give to charity

16 November 2015By

Your law firm is keen to do its bit for the community by donating to charity. Admirable – but there’s quite a lot to consider.


How to: return to the profession

9 November 2015By

How do you revive your legal career after taking a lengthy break? A returner course could point you in the right direction.

Ls pqe

How to: progress 4-6 years’ PQE

26 October 2015By

An economy in the doldrums shaped the early careers of today’s associates – but they are now in an enviable position as law firms compete for talent.

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