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Companies and conflicts of interest

2 May 2016By Nicholas Dobson

On the face of it, the nature of conflicts of interest should be straightforward. But solicitors should be wary.

Thomas Eggar managing partner Vicky Brackett and Andrew Tucker

Mergers: Joined-up thinking

2 May 2016By

Bigger firms are now looking overseas for mergers, but more consolidation is expected in the mid-tier as ‘baby boomer’ partners retire.

How to leave the City

How To: Leave the City

2 May 2016By

More solicitors than ever work in the City, but some decide it’s not for them. What then?

Narendra modi wembley

India: transforming business relations

25 April 2016By Amarjit Singh

Six reasons why now is the right time for UK lawyers to help transform business relations with India.

Maidstone magistrates

Criminal law: case for the defence

25 April 2016By Grania Langdon-Down

Criminal law practitioners are back on speaking terms with the government, but they still face an uncertain future.

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Margaret aspinall marcia willis stewart

Hillsborough: justice the only victor

2 May 2016

Everyone who believes we are equal before the law has cause to thank the Hillsborough lawyers.


Advantage in-house?

25 April 2016

The talents needed for a career at an ‘elite’ law firm can seem limited by comparison.

Lord McNally

LASPO – time for a review

18 April 2016

Lord McNally has appealed for cross-party consensus on legal aid.


Co-op enjoys a dividend

11 April 2016

Firm is making money and targeting growth again.


Let budgeting ‘breathe’

4 April 2016

Scorched-earth proposals for fixed recoverable costs are surely premature.

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Breathing space for Slater and Gordon – just

3 May 2016By

It's a tonic for staff that the firm has struck a deal with lenders, but executives face a daunting challenge to make the numbers add up.

Joshua Rozenberg

Narrowing the Gulf

2 May 2016By Joshua Rozenberg

Will Dubai become the most connected commercial court in the world?

Audrey cut

High-handed ‘high-harm’ test

2 May 2016By Audrey Cherryl Mogan

Operation Nexus is a policy written backwards from tabloid headlines on foreign criminals.

Chloe Smith

Time to put the McKenzie friend issue to rest

29 April 2016By

News that solicitors are acting as McKenzie friends will fuel the debate over unqualified advisers.

Michael Cross

Brexit, law and sunk costs

28 April 2016By

After decades of denying that Brussels creates very much law, the ‘in’ campaign has changed its tune. 

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Ls apprenticeships 2

How to: prepare for apprenticeships

7 March 2016By Grania Langdon-Down

With trailblazer apprenticeships on the horizon, what do law firms and in-house teams need to consider?

Ls howtoprogress

How to: progress in-house

29 February 2016By

When lawyers move in-house they must be prepared to take control of their own careers.


How to: sell a law firm

8 February 2016By Katharine Freeland

For those who are willing to spend time and resources preparing their own law firm for sale, there are opportunities out there.

Ls howtobea qc

How to: become a QC

25 January 2016By Katharine Freeland

Taking silk has real value for solicitor-advocates. But are the cards stacked against them?


How to: make hot-desking work

11 January 2016By

What if you left for work not knowing where you would be sitting that day? We looks at the pros and cons of hot-desking.


How to: give to charity

16 November 2015By

Your law firm is keen to do its bit for the community by donating to charity. Admirable – but there’s quite a lot to consider.

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