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RTA victims injured abroad

26 September 2016By Malcolm Johnson

Claiming damages from the Motor Insurers’ Bureau following an accident abroad.


Wales: devolving tax

26 September 2016By Mark Drakeford

Solicitors will play a key role as Wales moves closer to the operation of devolved taxes.


Washington DC: capitol market

26 September 2016By Marialuisa Taddia

Washington DC is the ‘centre of the universe’ for regulatory work, which multiplied in the wake of the financial crisis.

SRA at the Cube

Education and training: take solicitors’ word for it

26 September 2016By

As ‘continuing competence’ becomes the mandatory professional development mantra, can the SRA just accept a solicitor’s pledge that they have put in the necessary work?


A tale of two decisions: Olympic and Paralympic

19 September 2016By Dan Hyde

Why were some Russian Olympians allowed to compete in Rio but all of its Paralympians excluded?

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David Cameron

Taking the law for granted

26 September 2016

IBA report is a wakeup call for solicitors.

Pw c

One size does not fit all

19 September 2016

The big four’s successful business model relies on the cross-selling of products.


Solicitors going it alone

12 September 2016

Each new firm shows a willingness to step out of a comfort zone.

Kent CC

ABSs: open to failure?

5 September 2016

In the legal sector, there has not been a great flowering of alternative business structures.


Numbers crunch?

1 August 2016

Briggs LJ alludes to a ‘notorious’ surplus of qualified solicitors.

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Mark andersonnew

Bake Off: game show IP issues

28 September 2016By Mark Anderson

If the BBC decides to launch a new show to replace the Channel 4-bound Great British Bake Off, what trademark pitfalls should it avoid?


Labour finally doing itself justice

28 September 2016By

It probably won’t win the public over, but Labour is openly wooing the legal profession.

Max Walters

Grammar police heading to the bar

27 September 2016By

Will commas and full stops give the bar and clients nightmares?

Jonathan Goldsmith

Separation of powers, US-style

26 September 2016By

How a case involving dentists complicates the debate about splitting regulation from representation.

Jll headshot

Law firms need cash to compete

26 September 2016By John Llewellyn-Lloyd

External investment could transform the UK legal market within five years.

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Ls setupfirm

How to: set up a law firm

12 September 2016By

Establishing a new firm is a daunting prospect but help is at hand.

Ls mba

How to: do an MBA

5 September 2016By Grania Langdon-Down

With management skills seen as increasingly important for ambitious lawyers.


How to: become a professional support lawyer

13 June 2016By Marialuisa Taddia

The role of professional support lawyer offers a better work-life balance and opportunities for career progression are multiplying.

Ls apprenticeships 2

How to: prepare for apprenticeships

7 March 2016By Grania Langdon-Down

With trailblazer apprenticeships on the horizon, what do law firms and in-house teams need to consider?

Ls howtoprogress

How to: progress in-house

29 February 2016By

When lawyers move in-house they must be prepared to take control of their own careers.


How to: sell a law firm

8 February 2016By Katharine Freeland

For those who are willing to spend time and resources preparing their own law firm for sale, there are opportunities out there.

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