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Lord Dyson

Mitchell: may we relieve ourselves now?

22 July 2014By Rob Parness

The Court of Appeal’s updated guidance on non-compliance seeks to restore sanity. But only time will tell if it does.

Man/student in library

Legal education: after hours

21 July 2014By Grania Langdon-Down

Will plans for a new CPD regime lead to a dilution of professional development for solicitors?

Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre

Care in custody failings

21 July 2014By Jocelyn Cockburn, Lucy Cadd

The death of Brian Dalrymple highlights care shortcomings.

Pip McKenzie

International Marketplace Conference

21 July 2014By

Lawyers face a multitude of challenges when doing business in volatile emerging economies, as we learnt from the International Marketplace Conference.


South Africa: southern comfort

21 July 2014By Marialuisa Taddia

Opportunities far outweigh the challenges in South Africa, which offers law firms a vibrant market and a base for continental expansion.

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Kenneth Clarke

HRA: thinking the ‘unthinkable’

21 July 2014

Reshuffle reveals level of scheming against human rights.


Brand at a premium

14 July 2014

With PII, it is in no one’s interest to go shopping as the prices and goods are changed.


Wonga: letters of the law

7 July 2014

The token compensation Wonga must pay is wholly inadequate.


The health of the legal system

30 June 2014

Trials highlight problems of funding and representation.


Computer update

23 June 2014

Solicitors need to learn that using technology effectively is about simplifying life.

More leader

Rachel rothwell

Budgeting: some common assumptions

22 July 2014By

Lawyers are developing a flair for the art of budgeting.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Forum shopping for a lawyer’s title – again

21 July 2014By

A recent case involving Italian nationals clarifies the position on forum shopping in the EU.

Joshua Rozenberg

UK constitution conundrum

21 July 2014By Joshua Rozenberg

The UK is one of only three democracies not to have codified their constitutions. Should it do so?

Tony Roe

Trusted advisers, by choice

21 July 2014By Tony Roe

In the face of a growing number of unregulated competitors, law firms need to revive the solicitor brand.


MPs’ anger at fake firms scandal

18 July 2014By

Vulnerable people are being exploited by companies who do know better.

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