BOOK REVIEW: Profitability and law firm management (2nd edition)

9 January 2017By David Pickup

Managing partners need to read this book, which can be dipped into or read at length.

Fleet street

BOOK REVIEW: Flack’s Last Shift

9 January 2017By Sir Mark Warby

A prolific writer of non-fiction takes a confident stride with this debut novel.


Christmas gift ideas: legal books

22 December 2016By David Pickup

David Pickup runs through a selection of legal-themed books that could serve as stocking-fillers.

BOOK REVIEW: Partner Remuneration in Law Firms

28 November 2016By Janet Gaymer

Usefully brings together expert views on a subject which is a continuing preoccupation for law firm leaders around the world.

BOOK REVIEW: The Trials of the King of Hampshire: Madness, Secrecy and Betrayal in Georgian England

28 November 2016By

There is much to interest a lawyer-reader in Elizabeth Foyster’s account of the lunacy commission convened to decide whether the Third Earl of Portsmouth should be declared insane.


TV review: Goliath

21 November 2016By

Billy McBride is the good guy with the suitably colourful backstory.

BOOK REVIEW: The Legal Training Handbook (1st edition)

21 November 2016By David Pickup

Training needs to be planned, budgeted for, and appraised – as this book attests.

BOOK REVIEW: A Clinician’s Brief Guide to the Mental Health Act

14 November 2016By Michael Kennedy

The book is written in a direct and uncluttered style and the authors are not afraid to provide opinions on how to approach medico-legal issues.


BOOK REVIEW: Mental Illness, Human Rights and the Law

14 November 2016By Michael Kennedy

This guide’s real value lies in the author’s examination of the Mental Capacity Act (Northern Ireland) 2016.

BOOK REVIEW: Law and Licensing: A Concise Guide for Shotgun and Rifle Owners (BASC Handbook)

14 November 2016By David Pickup

A comprehensive overview of the law is followed by excellent advice on security.


BOOK REVIEW: Breaking Law: The Inside Guide to Your Legal Rights and Winning in Court or Losing Well

7 November 2016By David Pickup

At £20 for over 500 pages this book is great value.

BOOK REVIEW: Family Law Protocol

7 November 2016By Tony Roe

Heralded as the ‘authoritative set of best practice guidelines’, this book merits that description.

9781784460525 l

BOOK REVIEW: The Future of the In-house Lawyer: The General Counsel Revolution

24 October 2016By Tom Garbett

This book succeeds admirably on most levels but suffers from a lack of analysis.

BOOK REVIEW: Interpreting Evidence: Evaluating Forensic Science in the Courtroom (2nd edition)

24 October 2016By Anthony Edwards

Both litigator and advocate may be pleased to turn to this book in an attempt to understand the real significance of expert evidence.

Money laundering

BOOK REVIEW: Money Laundering Compliance for Solicitors

17 October 2016By Tony Roe

An antidote to uncertainty.

How to Tell if Your Lawyer is C.R.A.P.

BOOK REVIEW: How to Tell if Your Lawyer is C.R.A.P. The Essential Guide for All Involved in Civil Litigation

17 October 2016By Robert Whitehouse

A strained caricature of the profession.

BOOK REVIEW: Addressing Vulnerability in Justice Systems

10 October 2016By Mike Hinchliffe

It would be hard to find another anthology with this range of subject matter.

BOOK REVIEW: The Making of an Immigration Judge

10 October 2016By Ian McLeod

There is much of interest here.


BOOK REVIEW: Making a Splash: a personal guide to networking

10 October 2016By Sue Bramall

The book covers the various stages of networking.

Toby stephens

RADIO REVIEW: The Long Goodbye, Radio 4

10 October 2016By Nicholas Dent

What really makes this work as a slick and engaging radio play is the narration by Toby Stephens.

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