Tomorrow naked lawyer

BOOK REVIEW: Tomorrow’s Naked Lawyer: NewTech, NewHuman, NewLaw

29 June 2015By William Robins

What does the future hold for law firms? Will the robots take over?

Family division

BOOK REVIEW: Red Book Plus: Family Court Essential Materials 2014-2015

29 June 2015By Tony Roe

Very much a standalone publication, this is easy to access, comprehensive and convenient.


BOOK REVIEW: Cornerstone on Anti-Social Behaviour: The New Law

22 June 2015By Sian Carrel

A detailed overview of existing law and how the changes may affect the court’s handling of litigation

Tony stock

BOOK REVIEW: The First Miscarriage of Justice: The ‘Unreported and Amazing’ Case of Tony Stock

22 June 2015By David Pickup

Some books on alleged miscarriages of justice can be a little worthy and self-righteous. Not this.


BOOK REVIEW: A Woman’s Guide to Divorce

15 June 2015By Caitlin Jenkins

Some solid advice here but the book often oversimplifies the legal process.

Forensic science

BOOK REVIEW: Forensic Psychiatry

15 June 2015By Michael Kennedy

Remarkably, this deals with two complex professional disciplines in one go.

Freeing the Innocent

BOOK REVIEW: Freeing The Innocent: from Bangkok Hilton to Guantanamo

8 June 2015By Roger Smith

An honest account of the remarkable stream of cases Stephen Jakobi and Fair Trials International have been involved in.

Mediation couple

BOOK REVIEW: Mediation advocacy: representing clients in mediation

8 June 2015By Rebecca Attree

Give copies to each of those attending your next mediation – it will make it so much easier.

Domestic Violence book

BOOK REVIEW: Domestic Violence – Law and Practice, Sixth Edition

18 May 2015By Ros Bever

A comprehensive guide updated to take account of legislative changes, which should help practitioners and judges.

Reaper drone

BOOK REVIEW: Drone Theory

18 May 2015By Nicholas Goodman

A thought-provoking look at how modern weaponry is rewriting the laws of warfare.

Coins stacked

BOOK REVIEW: Cross-Border Insolvency

14 May 2015By

This enduring guide to a ‘fast-changing area of law’ offers comprehensive and clearly laid-out tables of cases and appendices.

Moscow bound

BOOK REVIEW: Moscow Bound

4 May 2015By

Solicitor’s novel combines the tension of an action thriller with the insight of a lawyer.

Family court/Court of Protection

BOOK REVIEW: The Family Court without a Lawyer – A Handbook for Litigants in Person

4 May 2015By Tony Roe

The book gets to grips with changes to law and practice, while being aware that it is no substitute for a lawyer or for legal advice.

Forensics book

BOOK REVIEW: Forensics

27 April 2015By Nicholas Goodman

Visceral book tie-in with the Wellcome Collection exhibition.

Crime scene

EXHIBITION REVIEW: Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime

27 April 2015By Nicholas Goodman

Brain parts, a blown-up image of a fly and sketches of courtrooms feature in this exhibition on the history, science and art of forensic medicine.

Diary of a Lawyer

BOOK REVIEW: Diary of a Lawyer

20 April 2015By Nicholas Goodman

Liberty Deller becomes a paralegal in her quest to uncover the truth about her solicitor father’s death.

Sad child

BOOK REVIEW: Psychology in Family and Child Law

20 April 2015By Katherine Gieve

While the busy practitioner is likely to use this book for reference, it provides much more.

Signing document

BOOK REVIEW: Cretney & Lush on Lasting and Enduring Powers of Attorney

14 April 2015By Heledd Wyn

This helpful book goes back to basics with a history of both types of power.


BOOK REVIEW: Rights and Duties of Directors

31 March 2015By Amanda Gibbs

A broad, practical and invaluable guide that explains the full extent of directors’ rights and duties embodied in law.

Magna Carta

BOOK REVIEW: Magna Carta Uncovered

30 March 2015By David Pickup

The 800-year-old document is not about democracy but the rule of law. Magna Carta Uncovered places it in a historical context.

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