Restaurant review: The Ritz Restaurant, Piccadilly, London

24 July 2017By Christopher Rees

Puttin’ On the Ritz

book open with pen 275x200

BOOK REVIEW: Jeremy Thorpe

24 July 2017By Anthony Edwards

A very English scandal.

Reading old book

BOOK REVIEW: AI in courts

24 July 2017By David Pickup

The Pinocchio Brief

Inland revenue

BOOK REVIEW: Tackling the tax dodgers

24 July 2017By Adrian Lower

Criminal Justice and Taxation


BOOK REVIEW: A state within a state?

24 July 2017By Tom Garbett

National Security and Double Government

Family law arbitration – practice and precedents (second edition) copy

BOOK REVIEW: Ready-made toolkit

17 July 2017By Tony Roe

Family Law Arbitration – Practice and Precedents (second edition)

Golf rough copy

BOOK REVIEW: Rough justice

17 July 2017By Anthony Edwards

Murder in the Fourth Round, Ian Simpson

Mind over matters

BOOK REVIEW: Mind over matters

26 June 2017By Richard Collier

A Lawyer’s Guide to Wellbeing and Managing Stress

Summary justice copy

BOOK REVIEW: From life imprisonment to the bar

26 June 2017By David Pickup

Summary Justice

Cuban missile crisis copy

BOOK REVIEW: The state of arbitration

26 June 2017By Philippa Charles

The History of ICSID (2nd edition)

Macmillan cut

BOOK REVIEW: Foundation course

19 June 2017By Bruce Macmillan

Building an Outstanding Legal Team: Battle-Tested Strategies from a General Counsel

Harriet harman

BOOK REVIEW: Lawyer to lawmaker

19 June 2017By Catriona Moore

A Woman’s Work

Police copy

BOOK REVIEW: Exploding myths about crime

12 June 2017By Nicholas Goodman

Criminal: the truth about why people do bad things.

Eutopia copy

BOOK REVIEW: Law lags morality

12 June 2017

Eutopia: new philosophy and new law for a troubled world


BOOK REVIEW: Seoul practitioners

5 June 2017By Mark Goodrich

International Arbitration in Korea


BOOK REVIEW: Duels and debts in Dulwich

5 June 2017By Tom Garbett

Ties of Blood and Friendship: the Complicated Life of Francis Lynn


BOOK REVIEW: Legal thickets of localism

22 May 2017By Nicholas Dobson

What do the following have in common: the Ivy House Pub in Nunhead, south-east London; various football stadiums, including Manchester United’s Old Trafford; Blencathra (the Lake District mountain); and the cold war control tower at the former Greenham Common RAF base (pictured)? Answer: they are all Assets of Community Value ...


BOOK REVIEW: Great minds who made America

22 May 2017By David Pickup

America was founded by commercial lawyers with English ideas of rule of law, free contract and rights of individuals. The early charters in the first half of the 17th century were sometimes far ahead of contemporary legal thinking in establishing rights for women and refugees. Slavery, though, was an issue ...

Restrictions landscape

BOOK REVIEW: A handy signpost

15 May 2017By Kate James

This book deals with the practicalities of rights over land and public control of land.

Wellesley hotel oval restaurant

Restaurant review: The Oval, Knightsbridge

15 May 2017By Christopher Rees

Echoes of Wellington’s Europe

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