David Pickup

BOOK REVIEW: Picks of the year

4 December 2017By David Pickup

Solicitor and regular reviewer David Pickup lists his favourite reads of 2017:

Savage poodle

BOOK REVIEW: The Savage Poodle

4 December 2017By David Pickup


Data lock computer

BOOK REVIEW: ​Data minefield

27 November 2017By Philip Giles

EU General Data Protection Regulation (A Guide to the New Law)

Empires and anarchies

BOOK REVIEW: ​Oil and trouble

27 November 2017By Tom Garbett

Empires and Anarchies: A History of Oil in the Middle East

Sunni shia landscape

BOOK REVIEW: ​A Concise History of Sunnis & Shi‘is

13 November 2017By Nicholas Goodman

John McHugo


BOOK REVIEW: ​In Search of Nice Americans

13 November 2017By Tom Garbett

Geoff Steward


BOOK REVIEW: ​Leading Professionals: Power, Politics, and Prima Donnas

6 November 2017By Sue Bramall

One eye on the top table.

Trotter book

BOOK REVIEW: Why professor Susskind is wrong

30 October 2017By

What’s To Become  of the Legal Profession? - Michael H. Trotter


BOOK REVIEW: Standing in your own two feet

30 October 2017By Tony Roe

A Straightforward Guide to How to Be a Litigant in Person in the New Legal World – representing yourself in the civil courts, Michael Langford


BOOK REVIEW: ​Parker’s Will Precedents

23 October 2017By Sian Thompson

Richard Dew, Leon Pickering

Reading old book

BOOK REVIEW: ​European Union Law: A Very Short Introduction

23 October 2017By David Pickup

Anthony Arnull

Judge drawing

BOOK REVIEW: The judiciary we deserve

9 October 2017By David Pickup

Being a Judge in the Modern World


BOOK REVIEW: Beyond the basics

9 October 2017By Bartholomew Dalton

While this is an academic textbook rather than a practitioners’ guide, its depth of useful information should not be underestimated.


BOOK REVIEW: Mosaic of clues on crime

9 October 2017By Tom Garbett

‘No readable book could consider all… issues relevant to the scope of criminal law. This unreadable book does not do so either.’ I immediately warmed to Victor Tadros as I read his self-deprecating introduction, but the laughs swiftly come to an end on page two.


BOOK REVIEW: Driving success in your law firm

9 October 2017By David Pickup

There must be an easy way for solicitors firms to be successful. But what is success anyway? Is it doing the work you want to do because it is important, or is it just about money? I imagine most of us would say professional success is just as important as ...

Reading old book

BOOK REVIEW: Life from the inside

2 October 2017By David Pickup

The Knife Went In: Real-life murders and our culture, Theodore Dalrymple

Edwardian bus

BOOK REVIEW: A battery of scams

29 September 2017By

A Most Deliberate Swindle, Mick Hamer

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