On the money

19 March 2018By Tony Roe

Book review: Lexcel Risk Management Toolkit 3rd Edition.

Crime scene

Fascinating true-crime tale

19 March 2018By David Pickup

Book review: Blood on the Page: A Murder, a Secret Trial, a Search for the Truth


Double bind

19 March 2018

H D Kehler discusses the Criminal Legal Aid Contract 2017.

Criminal Finances Act 2017: A Guide To The New Law

Panama Papers: the fallout

12 March 2018By Adrian Lower

Criminal Finances Act 2017: A Guide To The New Law


Guides to Inheritance Act claims

12 March 2018By Izzy Jaques, Andrew Kidd

Izzy Jaques and Andrew Kidd review two Inheritance Act claim guides.

The Proceeds of Crime

Guide to ill-gotten gains

5 March 2018By Adrian Lower

Adrian Lower reviews the fifth edition of Millington and Sutherland Williams on The Proceeds of Crime.


Folklore and black magic

5 March 2018

Gazette sub-editor reviews solicitor Abigail Wekes-Lowe’s novel Corvid’s Lament


Building blocks of learning

26 February 2018By Joshua Pugsley

Joshua Pugsley reviews Russell Hewitson’s Residential Conveyancing Practice: a guide for support staff and paralegals, published by Law Society Publishing.


Clean-living manifesto

26 February 2018By David Pickup

David Pickup reviews Environmental Law: a very short introduction by Elizabeth Fisher.


Crime capers

26 February 2018By David Pickup

David Pickup reviews Jack Strange’s crime thriller Manchester Vice.

Matrimonial toolkit

BOOK REVIEW: Family lifeline

12 February 2018By Tony Roe

It has been a while since family lawyers had this kind of publication to hand. The one I remember was published so long ago that CD-ROMs, like the one accompanying this book, had probably not even been invented.

Understanding jurisprudence

BOOK REVIEW: Teaching the fundamentals

12 February 2018By Tom Garbett

Raymond Wacks

Credit report

BOOK REVIEW: Privacy: What Everyone Needs to Know

5 February 2018By Aidan Shipman

Aidan Shipman reviews Leslie P. Francis and John G. Francis’sPrivacy: What Everyone Needs to Know.

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5 February 2018By David Pickup

David Pickup reviews EJ Henry’s The Lawyer


BOOK REVIEW: Best defence

22 January 2018By Matthew Hardcastle

The 4th edition of Anthony Edwards and Roger Ede’s Criminal Defence ’should be a key text for all criminal defence firms.’

The Will, Jane Mann

BOOK REVIEW: Inheritance acts

22 January 2018By Katharine Riley

Jane Mann’s The Will is a legally accurate representation of a family dispute, according to Katharine Riley.

Armed men

BOOK REVIEW: Arms and the mandate

22 January 2018By Adrian Lower

Adrian Lower reviews Katharine Fortin’s The Accountability of Armed Groups under Human Rights Law.

Radovan Karadzic

BOOK REVIEW: Conflicts of interest

15 January 2018By Kate Gibson

Justice For All and How to Achieve It: citizens, lawyers and the law in the age of human rights.

Clarity for Lawyers

BOOK REVIEW: Say what you mean

15 January 2018By David Pickup

Clarity for Lawyers: Effective Legal Language (3rd edition)


BOOK REVIEW: Calling the shots

8 January 2018By Nicholas Goodman

The Internationalists: And Their Plan to Outlaw War

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