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Andrew Edis QC

PI: calculating disadvantage

20 October 2014By Simon Allen

Assessment of loss for the future earning capacity of those suffering residual disability through injury has always been unsatisfactory.

SRA Cube

Consumer credit activities regulation: SRA plans

14 October 2014By Crispin Passmore

Changes to regulation of consumer credit work pose a dilemma for the SRA. Here are its proposals.

Sir James Munby

Adoption and access to family history

13 October 2014By Dr Nicholas Dobson

The law around adoptees’ attempts to find out about their real parents.

Lesley King

The costs of rectification

6 October 2014By Lesley King

This case continues to generate interesting discussion in the Supreme Court – this time on the issue of costs.

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23 October 2014

The court found a judge had erred in ordering revocation of a Specsavers trademark where evidence that use of the wordless logo together with the registered word trademark superimposed over the top had served to identify the goods.


Criminal law

23 October 2014

The Court of Appeal, Criminal Division, allowed an appeal against convictions for robbery, in circumstances where the evidence that had been critical to the convictions related to admissions allegedly made to police officers who were part of a now-discredited crime squad.

Vinyl on turntable


17 October 2014

A dispute arose over the pop track Heartbroken and at an earlier hearing a judge held that the performer’s rights relating to the vocal at the centre of the dispute belonged to the claimant. These proceedings concerned damages.

Birmingham UK

Parental order

16 October 2014

The Family Division held that the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 did not have the effect of preventing the court from making a parental order.

Chris Grayling

Judicial review

9 October 2014

The claimants sought judicial review of the lord chancellor’s decisions that there would be 525 duty provider work contracts and an average immediate reduction of 8.75% in criminal legal aid fees.

Hotel room


9 October 2014

Skyscanner appealed against the Office of Fair Trading’s decision, accepting commitments from intervening companies in the hotel industry to modify their behaviour by limited discounting of room-only rates to closed groups.



26 September 2014

A full report of the judgment in the costs case related to Marley v Rawlings, in which parents had each signed the wrong mirror will.

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Jonathan Goldsmith

Breach of privilege

24 July 2014Updated: 24 July 2014By

The Sarkozy case raises important questions about the issue of technology and lawyer-client confidentiality.

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