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Police accident

RTA liability and EU directives

4 May 2015By Malcolm Johnson

Seriously injured man brings action against insurer but cannabis was found in car involved in accident.

Nicholas Dobson

No ‘magic bullet’ in consultation

27 April 2015By Nicholas Dobson

If a public authority embarks on a consultation it must do so properly.

Laura Devine

Immigration: political football

20 April 2015By Laura Devine

What are the main political parties’ pledges on immigration if they are elected in May?


Freedom of information: round-up

13 April 2015By Ibrahim Hasan

How recent laws and updated regulations are impacting on what local authorities must disclose.

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1 May 2015

The Court of Appeal considered appeals by both parties in proceedings brought by the Mattel, which controlled the rights in the well-known game Scrabble in the European Union, to prevent the respondent company (Zynga) from selling an electronic game called Scramble or Scramble with Friends.

Supreme Court


8 April 2015

The Supreme Court held that none of the exceptions to the general approach applicable to awards of costs in children’s cases as set out in Re T (Children) [2012] applied in the present case.

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Kent CC


10 March 2015

The court had booked two interpreters, but they were not provided and a hearing was adjourned. The local authority sought recovery of its costs of that hearing against Capita, which is contracted to provide interpreters.

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mj about us

Solicitor opts for bar over SRA in search of ‘stability’

4 May 2015By

Mark Johnson opted to license his business as a single-person bar entity because he values a more stable insurance market.

South Korea legal liberalisation move

4 May 2015By

Draft bill proposes the amendments as the Ministry of Justice in Seoul implements the third stage of legal services provisions.

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Joshua Rozenberg

A constitutional imbroglio

4 May 2015By Joshua Rozenberg

With another hung parliament likely, we may have to wait a while for any new laws.

Family court/Court of Protection

BOOK REVIEW: The Family Court without a Lawyer – A Handbook for Litigants in Person

4 May 2015By Tony Roe

The book gets to grips with changes to law and practice, while being aware that it is no substitute for a lawyer or for legal advice.

Our fundamental rights

4 May 2015By Steven Jonas

There are certain principles which we believe govern civilised states – the Human Rights Act is a necessary protection for these ideals.

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House for sale

Conveyancing portal Veyo reports registration surge

24 March 2015Updated: 24 March 2015By Gazette newsdesk

Almost half of conveyancing practices have signed up to the online system.

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Hearing aid

Fixed fees for deafness top insurers’ agenda

1 May 2015By

Association of British Insurers keen for more reform of civil justice system.

James Dalton

Insurers open data to claimant solicitors in fraud crackdown

27 April 2015By

Details of long-awaited scheme for sharing information on claimants’ history finally revealed.

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