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High Court


16 April 2014

The respondent judicial authority sought the appellant Lithuanian national’s extradition pursuant to a European arrest warrant so that she could stand trial in relation to an allegation of assisting an ‘armed robbery’, said to have occurred in 1996.

Ryanair plane

Customs and excise

16 April 2014

Ryanair had sought to reclaim air passenger duty, which it alleged it had overpaid in respect of connected flights.


2 April 2014

The claimant companies brought proceedings, contending that two patents had been infringed by the defendant companies (together, Virgin). Virgin contended that the patents lacked novelty over a number of other matters, and were obvious. The Patents Court held that, among other things, both patents were invalid for obviousness.


2 April 2014

The employment tribunal had found the claimant teacher’s claims, including of sexual and racial discrimination, against the third defendant head teacher established. The tribunal’s order was subsequently revoked on review and there was no outstanding judgment against the third defendant. The third defendant appealed, seeking a decision that the tribunal’s findings of fact had been wrong.

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Prince Charles

Freedom of information

19 March 2014

A Guardian journalist appealed after the attorney general blocked the publication of letters Prince Charles wrote to government departments.

Breach of confidence

19 March 2014

The claimant musicians pitched the Real Deal, a music talent show, to Sky. Sky did not commission the claimants’ show, but later commissioned and broadcast another musical talent show programme, Must be the Music.

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Libel and slander

4 March 2014

A Thai official tried to sue the former Football Association chairman Lord Triesman for libel, over allegations Triesman made about him before a parliamentary select committee.

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Roger Smith

Unpleasant truths

14 April 2014By Roger Smith

The cuts have been so deep that it is time to consider a fundamental shift in legal aid delivery.

Sheree Green

Statute of liberty

14 April 2014By Sheree Green

Our understanding of ‘deprivation of liberty’ has been redefined, with implications for policy-makers and the law.

Joshua Rozenberg

Albania’s untouchable judges

7 April 2014By Joshua Rozenberg

Albania wants the UK to help root out corruption in its legal system.

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