A case involving a prominent solicitor whose arrest was ordered by the High Court last week is expected to progress today.

Last Wednesday Mr Justice Fancourt issued a bench warrant, not backed for bail, to have solicitor Soophia Khan, 41, arrested and brought to the court after she failed to attend the hearing to answer allegations of contempt of court.

Today’s Business Cause List includes a committal hearing at 2pm between ‘The Law Society of England and Wales v Sophia Khan Law Limited’ before Mr Justice Leech.

Soophia Khan, 41, was automatically suspended in August after the Solicitors Regulation Authority intervened in relation to her Leicester practice Sophie Khan & Co Limited over suspicions of dishonesty. She later announced that the firm had been taken over by a charity called Just for Public Ltd (JFP), adding: ‘Client work continues as normal’.

The SRA, which last month obtained an injunction to stop Khan ‘unlawfully’ acting as a lawyer through JFP, alleged Khan was in contempt of court by failing to comply with two High Court orders requiring her to deliver up client files.

Khan sought to have last Wednesday’s hearing adjourned, claiming she needed ‘emergency elective surgery’.