It's Halloween. And, it seems, dentists are more scared than you.

Obiter is not a huge fan of press offices desperately shoe-horning in seasonal references to plug flimsy news releases.

But even we were tickled by the lengths to which the Dental Defence Union was prepared to go this year.

As it’s Halloween, the DDU, which represents dentists against legal claims from patients, has come up with a list of the top five fears faced by dental professionals.

Obiter would suggest this might well lead to a further claim if we lose the will to live, but the release is just about redeemed by the quotes of DDU head Rupert Hoppenbrouwers.

He says (or at least signed off a press officer’s quote): ‘At this time of year when many people’s thoughts are turning to ghoulish tales of ghosts and monsters, spare a thought for dentists who can be faced with real life frights at any time of year.

‘While many patients fear a trip to the dentist, there are scenarios that can send a chill down even the most experienced dental professional’s spine as well.’

Dare we say: that’s enough to give us all nightmares.