Trending news articles on the Gazette this week…

1. Quindell owner waits on £53m Slater and Gordon claim

Annual report also reveals nothing has been paid for noise-induced hearing loss claims included in acquisition deal.

2. QualitySolicitors pioneer and strategist leaves to go it alone

West Country firm Burroughs Day says it no longer wants to be part of a national network.

3. Banned solicitor turned tax consultant jailed for £1.4m investment scam

David Vaughan Jones used his influence in the community to convince people to invest in bogus scheme.

4. Litigation expert Stewarts Law sued over lapsed PI claim

Judge rules appeal cannot be upheld involving paralysed lorry driver with long-running claim.

5. Defence warns of ‘chilling effect’ of guilty verdict at Leigh Day tribunal

Human rights firm starts defence against allegations and says it had no agenda against the army.