Ministry of Justice staff continue to lack confidence in the organisation’s leadership and ability to manage change, the civil service’s annual people survey has revealed.

Comparison with 2013’s survey reveals a zero statistical difference in the results.

The 2014 survey shows 31% of staff had confidence in senior management and 33% said the department as a whole is managed well.

More than a third (35%) believed managers have a ‘clear vision’ for the future but less than a quarter (21%) thought changes made in the organisation are usually for the better.

Other findings include:

  • 52% want to stay working for the ministry for at least the next three years while 11% want to leave as soon as possible;
  • Less than a third (31%) would recommend the organisation as a great place to work;
  • Only half (49%) feel proud when they tell others they are part of the MoJ;
  • More than a third (36%) are inspired to do the best in their job.

Staff attitudes at the Legal Aid Agency were more positive, with almost two-thirds (65%) feeling the agency was managed well.

One in six respondents were confident about the decisions made by the agency’s senior managers, one in seven believed managers had a clear vision for the future. But less than half (48%) believed changes made in the agency were usually for the better.  

Survey results for HM Courts & Tribunals Service reveal more than a third (38%) felt the department as a whole is managed well but just over a quarter (26%) believed changes made in HMCTS were usually for the better.