• British Academy, The

    British Academy, The

    LondonUnited Kingdom

    The British Academy, established by Royal Charter in 1902, is the UK's national academy for the humanities and social sciences. It is an independent, self-governing Fellowship of leading national and international scholars. The Academy fosters and promotes the highest standards of learning.

  • British Dyslexia Association

    British Dyslexia Association

    BracknellUnited Kingdom

    The British Dyslexia Association is the largest dyslexia charity in the UK. Dyslexia affects more than 1 in 10 people. We work tirelessly to promote a dyslexia-friendly society that gives them all the opportunity to reach their full potential. To achieve this, we listen, support and empower people. We raise awareness, we lobby for change and deliver vital services to those people who need us the most. We rely almost entirely on donations to carry our work through core initiatives.

  • British Library, The

    British Library, The

    LondonUnited Kingdom

    The British Library is the world's greatest library, holding more than 150 million items from every age and every culture. Only at the British Library will you find Handel's 'Messiah', Shakespeare's First Folio, Leonardo da Vinci's notebook, Florence Nightingale's voice and the world's oldest Bible. From rare manuscripts and unique sound recordings to the latest information for research, the collection amounts to over two thousand years of ideas.

  • Build Africa

    Build Africa

    Tunbridge WellsUnited Kingdom

    Build Africa is an award-winning development charity. We believe in the power of education to help end poverty, and work to ensure that children in rural Africa have the best opportunity to learn. Established in 1978, we have decades of experience helping communities escape poverty.

  • Canon Collins Educational & Legal Assistance Trust

    Canon Collins Educational & Legal Assistance Trust

    LondonUnited Kingdom

    Our mission is to create opportunities for people in southern Africa to develop their full potential through education and the assertion of their human rights. Key principles of our partnerships include widening access to education at all levels, applying academic research to development issues and fostering future leaders across the region. Our priority areas are health, education, human rights and environment.