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Partner departure

Dealing with partner departures

20 November 2017By Catriona Watt

The experience of a tricky partner’s departure can help to define a firm’s culture and market reputation.


Blockchain: a numbers game

20 November 2017By

Blockchain is a very good horse to bet on – we just don’t yet know in which race

Suzanne gill

Commercial property: Restrictive covenants

20 November 2017By Suzanne Gill

There are few cases so iconic that lawyers remember the names long after university or law school. One is Tulk v Moxhay [1848], the case on the restrictive covenants which have prevented building on Leicester Square. The date of that case demonstrates that well-drafted restrictive covenants on land are an ...


Canada: Trading places

20 November 2017By Grania Langdon-Down

Buffeted by foreign incomers and embroiled in a trade stand-off with the US, Canadian law firms are seeking to broaden their horizons.

Dsc 0050

Pro bono: Never enough

20 November 2017By

Can pro bono legal advice be more than a ‘sticking plaster on a gushing wound’?

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Students sitting exam

Super-exam: more to do

20 November 2017

Does the work experience requirement of SQE set the bar too low?


Avoidance strategies

13 November 2017

Some law firms will steer clients away from aggressive tax planning.


Class in the background

6 November 2017

Without layering in data on life advantage, diversity reporting is of limited use.

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Joshua Rozenberg

Spying in bulk

20 November 2017By Joshua Rozenberg

A case that could reset the balance between security and personal privacy was heard in Strasbourg this month.

Amanda hamilton

Unqualified success

20 November 2017By Amanda Hamilton

It is in the profession’s best interests to properly recognise the value of paralegals.

Michael Cross byline

Robots will be biased: live with it

17 November 2017By

Calls for strict regulation of artificial intelligence algorithms are at best premature.

David Barton byline

Locke Lord: a lesson in deterrence

16 November 2017By David Barton

Record-setting judgment provides a valuable insight into the agreed outcome procedure.

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