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Richard Nicolle, Stewarts Law

Roundtable: employment

24 April 2017

Employment lawyers are scrambling to advise firms spooked by the prospect of Brexit. Eduardo Reyes reports from the Gazette’s latest roundtable

Nicholas Dobson

Local government: Councillor conduct and personal data

24 April 2017By Nicholas Dobson

Local authorities are right to be punctiliously cautious about releasing sensitive personal information.

David haigh

Where next for private prosecutions?

24 April 2017

The conduct of private prosecutors – and their motivations – are under scrutiny

Theresa may india

India: Office politics

24 April 2017By Marialuisa Taddia

India will be one of our most important trade partners post-Brexit, but foreign firms are still not allowed to open offices there.


Don’t leave it to the lawyers

24 April 2017By Joanna Goodman

Clients are are in the vanguard of the ‘great legal reformation’ which is transforming the way law firms work

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Who speaks for justice?

24 April 2017

Rule of law is the bedrock of a functioning democracy

You tube

YouTube if you want to

10 April 2017

Taking a case to tribunal is the most effective way to resolve disputes

brexit consequences

Stumbling in the dark

3 April 2017

Ministers need the goodwill of the UK’s endlessly traduced lawyers

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Globalisation - a serious gap in the law

24 April 2017By

Monsanto Tribunal is one manifestation of a growing gap between international human rights law and corporate accountability.


Beleaguered bench

24 April 2017By Peter Glover

As a judge I witnessed the complete breakdown of relations between executive and judiciary. How did we get here and what can be done?

Joshua rozenberg

Will Liz Truss be shuffled?

24 April 2017By Joshua Rozenberg

Under fire from the most senior judge, it is hard to see how the lord chancellor can survive

David barton

Bearing the burden of proof

24 April 2017By David Barton

The SRA should focus on sound evidence-gathering rather than lobby to lower the criminal standard.

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How to: commit to collaboration

6 March 2017By Grania Langdon-Down

Working with other firms can spread risk and help you scale up.

Howto twitter

How to: get ahead with Twitter

20 February 2017By

Don’t be put off by Donald Trump’s 140-character rants – Twitter is a platform with plenty to offer lawyers.


How to: recruit apprentices

6 February 2017By Grania Langdon-Down

Apprentices can breathe new life into law firms but the recruitment process requires a detailed business plan.

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Court on camera

London riots

Mark Duggan death: appeal over inquest verdict

6 March 2017

The family of Mark Duggan, whose shooting by police sparked the 2011 London riots, appeal a High Court ruling that the jury at his inquest was right to rule he was lawfully killed.



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