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Data protection law and employee monitoring

2019-09-20T13:55:00+01:00By Chris Tutton

Although a contentious issue in the workplace, employee monitoring is an increasingly necessary practice for employers.

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Data page – September 2019


The latest data page figures, compiled by Moneyfacts, are now available.


Freelance solicitors: a threat to the direct access bar

2019-09-16T10:42:00+01:00By Paul Bennett

Similarities between the freelance solicitor model and the existing direct access barrister model should be cause for concern.

Business woman sabbatical cartoon

Five-step plan for taking a sabbatical

16 September 2019By Katharine Freeland

For lawyers, ‘taking a sabbatical’ can mean anything from six weeks out to settle young children into school, to six months spent solo, walking ancient pilgrim routes from Canterbury to Rome.

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Managing your online reputation

16 September 2019By Noura Abughris

Social media.

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Paul rogerson

Rebellious Scots to crush

16 September 2019By

All hell broke loose when it was suggested Scottish judges might be politically biased.

Paul rogerson

Invisible Bristol

9 September 2019By

Court reporters have always been as interested in what interests the public as in the public interest. So, from Bristol Magistrates’ Court, we read of a motorist who was ‘surprised’ he was over the drink-drive limit after taking a traditional flu remedy of honey, garlic, ginger and white rum.

Paul rogerson

Taking stock

2 September 2019By

Flotation is not for the faint-hearted.

Paul rogerson

Who’s paying?

5 August 2019By

Most, but not all, of the Square Mile heavyweights are now accredited by the Living Wage Foundation.

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Supreme Court saga has made for must-watch TV


Lawyers binge-watching and members of the public learning about advocacy at its best: this has been a triumph for the legal profession.

Richard Edwards

Legal expenses insurance: time for reform?

2019-09-20T09:17:00+01:00By Richard Edwards

We need to address the freedom of choice fallacy in LEI.

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Legal aid for unaccompanied and separated migrant children

2019-09-19T09:38:00+01:00By Paul Bowen QC

Government must approve draft order to allow these uniquely vulnerable young people access to legal aid again.


Housing crisis: turning NIMBYs into WIMBYs


Planning system has been captured by groups most opposed to new housebuilding.

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News focus: Why comparison sites can't seem to crack the legal sector

16 September 2019By

Competition watchdogs have bemoaned the dearth of comparison sites in the law. But is there a real appetite for ‘shopping’ among law firms and clients wedded to traditional consumer habits?

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How to: use gender-neutral language

17 June 2019By Melanie Newman

By writing ‘Dear Sirs’, some lawyers feel they are holding out against political correctness. But the battle against gender-neutral language is surely a losing cause, reports Melanie Newman

Stressed worker

How to leave work at the front door

3 June 2019By Katharine Freeland

Switching off from the office will make you happier and more productive, but this is easier said than done. Katharine Freeland offers some top tips about how to strike a healthy work/life balance


How to: make the most of PR

25 March 2019By

A public relations strategy need not just be for the very largest practices – in a crowded market, firms of all sizes are seeking ways to stand out. Eduardo Reyes reports

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A proud ‘progressive’ at pains to do the right thing

9 September 2019By

A Judge’s Journey | John Dyson


Pericles with a tool bag, getting jobs done

9 September 2019By Christopher Stanley

Jurist in Context: A Memoir | William Twining


Searching for clarity on parity

2 September 2019By Dominic Regan

Equal Pay: Law and Practice | Daphne Romney QC

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One-stop shop for a student

2 September 2019By Michael Goodwin QC

Criminal Law – 5th Edition | Nicola Monaghan

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Review: A Practical Guide to Solicitor and Client Costs

2019-08-23T08:53:00+01:00By David Pickup

David Pickup, partner at Pickup & Scott Solicitors, reviews Robin Dunne’s guide.

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