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Masood Ahmed

Disclosure and litigation privilege

19 March 2018By Masood Ahmed

legal update: civil procedure.

Round table,  Laura Devine

Roundtable: Exit wounds

19 March 2018By

As Brexit looms, Eduardo Reyes finds lawyers at the latest Gazette roundtable urgently trying to influence policymakers while preparing for a turbulent and uncertain future.


SDT: Angela Caroline Hudson

19 March 2018

The SDT ordered that Hudson should be suspended from practice.


SDT: John Mark O’Hara Walker

19 March 2018

The SDT ordered that Walker should be struck off the roll.


SDT: Stewart Stocker

19 March 2018

The SDT ordered that Stocker should be struck off the roll.

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Michael Burd

A Brexit disconnect

19 March 2018

Public Servants understand minutiae, but are ministers listening?

investigation hand with magnifying glass 390x234

A flawed inquiries system

12 March 2018

Time to look again at a permanent unit within the Cabinet Office.

Lord Justice Jackson

Right man for the job

5 March 2018

Jackson’s commitment to his task has been indisputable.

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Eduardo Reyes

Should Latham chief have stood down over sex messages?

22 March 2018By

Reflections on Latham and Watkins’s removal of their global chair for 'communications of a sexual nature'.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Brexit: a justice treaty and red lines

19 March 2018By

The English Bar has come up with an interesting Brexit idea - a separate UK-EU treaty on justice issues.


Double bind

19 March 2018

H D Kehler discusses the Criminal Legal Aid Contract 2017.

Joshua Rozenberg

Reining in judicial overreach

19 March 2018By Joshua Rozenberg

When should judges defer to parliament in making the law?

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Northamtonshire county council

News focus: local government lawyers battle dwindling budgets

19 March 2018By

Will the country’s first ‘social enterprise law firm’ reignite council interest in ABSs and inspire other lawyers in local government to follow in its footsteps?

Secretary cartoon

How to: Work with your PA

19 March 2018By Maria Shahid

The traditional role of legal PA is disappearing fast as more qualified and commercially minded people get involved in frontline work. Maria Shahid reports.

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