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Mark Thomas

Grenfell and the right to free expression

14 November 2018By Mark Thomas

The arrests of six men for burning an effigy of the Grenfell Tower has pushed the issue of clarity between public and private expression back into the spotlight.

Roger Franklin

Reforming the courts: a half-time report

12 November 2018By Roger Franklin

What is the current state of play following plans announced two years ago to improve the courts and tribunals system?

Ravi Naik

Sinking the data pirates

12 November 2018By

An uncle who joined Gandhi’s independence movement inspired Ravi Naik to aim for a legal career, the Law Society human rights award winner tells Jonathan Rayner

Gina Miller

Gonna change the world

12 November 2018By

When lawyers become standard-bearers for high-profile activism, funding major litigation requires innovative thinking. Social media has a vital role too, writes Grania Langon-Down

Masood ahmed cut copy

Amendments of statements of case

12 November 2018By Masood Ahmed

Civil procedure

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Paul rogerson

Heavy with the levy

12 November 2018By

It seems ministers must now come up with their own ingenious schemes for holding up the scaffolding that underpins justice and the rule of law.

Paul rogerson

Separate ways

5 November 2018By

The formation of a distinct Welsh jurisdiction is now inescapable, Jeremy Miles says, but how far this jurisdiction will reach is still up for debate.

Eduardo Reyes coutout

Promoting the justice system

29 October 2018By

Personal stories shared during Justice Week, as well as events, parliamentary debate and published research, will make a case for the justice system beyond the legal community.

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Omar Madhloom

Do law firms benefit from university law clinics?

15 November 2018By Omar Madhloom

Students who complete a law clinic programme are well prepared to meet the demands of private practice, having applied doctrinal and lawyering skills in a practical context.

Hannah Ashcroft

Medical negligence and the 'compensation culture'

14 November 2018By Hannah Ashcroft

Adam Kay’s swipe at clinical negligence lawyers in his book ’This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor’ is unfair.

John Hyde

A career has ended. But did the public need Sovani James to be struck off?

13 November 2018By

This was a sustained spell of dishonesty. But the factors creating this behaviour have long since gone.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Selling the UK legal profession abroad

12 November 2018By

Trade deals after Brexit will require the UK to explain the historically complex structure of our profession abroad.

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John Hyde byline

News focus: 'Race to the bottom' on the high street?

12 November 2018By

Further deregulation of the market opens the door to a race to bottom on client protection, claims the Law Society. And there is no evidence it will boost access to justice

Ls discipline

How to: Discipline a colleague

22 October 2018By Melanie Newman

Sanctioning a colleague for wrongdoing is fraught with hidden perils, especially if they are a partner. Melanie Newman asks the experts how to handle disciplinary matters

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