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Lady Justice Hallett

Oxford grooming gang appeal sentences

2 June 2015

The court delivers judgment in an appeal by four members of an Oxford-based grooming gang, who are challenging their life sentences for their part in a paedophile ring that plied girls with drink and drugs before gang-raping and sexually assaulting them. Watch the broadcast, in association with Sky News.

Dale Vince

Financial remedy and Wyatt v Vince

1 June 2015By Andrew Newbury

The key issues in the ‘highly unusual’ divorce case involving energy entrepreneur Dale Vince and his ex-wife.

Benchmarks holiday

Buying a holiday home

1 June 2015By District Judge Suzanne Stephenson

Dealing with the complexities of Spanish property law.


Turkey: where east meets west

1 June 2015By Marialuisa Taddia

As it strives to realise its investment potential, Turkey is plagued by alleged rule of law violations – a challenging context in which to advise.

European Union and union flags

Why EU directives matter

27 May 2015By Rebecca Niblock

As the Queen’s speech places the focus on EU membership, the government’s abandonment of European directives must not be forgotten.

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Financial Conduct Authority

Financial fair play?

18 May 2015

It seems reasonable to expect bankers to meet the same regulatory standard as solicitors.

Phone and computer

Open access conundrum

11 May 2015

Lawyers are not luddites, but technology is only a partial solution.

LSB offices, One Kemble Street

Choosing your regulator

4 May 2015

LSB says there are strict tests to prevent a ‘race to the bottom’.


Justice: a question of timing

27 April 2015

Delay can defeat justice – but so can undue haste.

London skyline

Exporting arbitration

20 April 2015

London could be surprisingly vulnerable to upstart rivals.

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Paul rogerson

Going Dutch

2 June 2015By

Does the University of Law’s sale to a foreign consolidator offer a glimpse into the future of higher education?

Joshua Rozenberg

Breaking with convention

1 June 2015By Joshua Rozenberg

A British Bill of Rights is indefinitely delayed – but it hasn’t been shelved.

Sue Nash

Two cheers for Sir Rupert

1 June 2015By Sue Nash

The inception of costs management was botched, but there are grounds for optimism.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Lawyers v robots

29 May 2015By

Are law firms doing enough to innovate and compete with the rise of the machines?

Michael Cross

Legal aid’s founding text turns 70

28 May 2015By

How the 1945 report of a Conservative-chaired committee laid the foundations of state-funded legal aid. 

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