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Michael Tyler

How to avoid a proportionality reduction

21 May 2018By Richard Foss, Michael Tyler

Practice point: costs


Do lawyers get in the way?

21 May 2018By Christopher Parr

Practice point: mediation.

Suzanne Gill

Boilerplate clauses and implied terms

21 May 2018By Suzanne Gill

Legal update: commercial property

Mark Zuckerberg

The only way is ethics

21 May 2018By Joanna Goodman

In the shadow of Silicon Valley’s scandals, tech innovators are faced with developing moral principles to govern their software alongside algorithms that run our lives.

burning flag

Trading blows

21 May 2018By

Political brinkmanship drives decisions on sanctions and puts allies at loggerheads. Eduardo Reyes looks at the advisory and enforcement efforts that trail in the geopolitical wake.

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Paul Rogerson

Dreamvar nightmare?

21 May 2018By

Last week’s long-awaited decision did not deliver the clarity solicitors will have been hoping for.

Paul Rogerson

Evolving with you

14 May 2018By

Today we relaunch the print edition of the Gazette.

Sajid Javid

Consult the experts

7 May 2018

Sajid Javid would be greatly assisted if people had proper legal advice.

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Jonathan Goldsmith

Beware the growing mistrust in lawyers

22 May 2018By

Magic circle firms have been facing scrutiny from House of Commons committees of late.

Joshua Rozenberg

Cliff Richard and the right to report

21 May 2018By Joshua Rozenberg

In all the coverage of Sir Cliff Richard’s invasion-of-privacy claim there’s very little reporting of the BBC’s legal arguments.

Damon Culbert

Legal aid cuts hurt vulnerable immigrants

17 May 2018By Damon Culbert

More public funding would ensure a fairer system for those fleeing persecution and seeking to stay in the UK.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Animal law: the next frontier

15 May 2018By

Two contrasting cases in the US raise questions about non-human rights.

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