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Sterling notes and coins

Costs and preparing budgets

5 October 2015By Masood Ahmed

A recent case provides clarification on issues parties may face when seeking approval of costs budgets.

Jonathan Smithers

Dangers of fixed costs in NHS claims

5 October 2015By Jonathan Smithers

For the sake of the NHS and its patients, the Department of Health must listen to practitioners before moving forward with fixed costs.

Ethiopia rail

East Africa: frontier spirit

5 October 2015By Katharine Freeland

East Africa’s legal markets remain diverse, but economic and political integration is heightening interest in the region. 

How to crisis

How to: plan for a crisis

5 October 2015By

Law firms should involve all staff in preparing for disaster recovery.

Asim Qureshi

Judicial review of decision on Cage funding

1 October 2015By Jade Campbell

Did the Charity Commission overstep its powers when pressuring two charities to make a funding promise?

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David Green

Economic crime scene

5 October 2015

Is it too simplistic to infer that we are back to business as usual in the City?


Limited scope for growth

28 September 2015

Given the high risks and low rewards unbundling seems to offer, the LSB should not be surprised if many firms proceed with caution.

Bianca jagger

CPD regime change

21 September 2015

A large minority of solicitors have yet to focus on what is needed.

Birmingham library

Building credibility

14 September 2015

Lawyers are playing a critical role in the renaissance of our provincial cities.


New front in war for junior lawyers

7 September 2015

City pay hikes for juniors are a calculated gamble.

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Joshua Rozenberg

Statute limitations

5 October 2015By Joshua Rozenberg

Has a cull of senior parliamentary counsel bequeathed poorly drafted legislation?


Support us or make way

5 October 2015By Jo Shaw

The founder of the Feminist Lawyers’ Society sets out its goals.

Jonathan Goldsmith

IBA 2015 – key talking points

5 October 2015Updated: 5 October 2015By

The independence of lawyers, money laundering and the refugee crisis are among the topics up for debate at this year’s conference.

Emma dixon

Flexible working and the bar

2 October 2015By Emma Dixon

There has been progress but attitudes need to change if the bar is to attract the best talent.


VW ‘scandal-chasers’ will get results

29 September 2015By

Some of our biggest firms are exploiting the Volkswagen crisis. And why not?

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How to crisis

How to: plan for a crisis

5 October 2015By

Law firms should involve all staff in preparing for disaster recovery.

How to: use Twitter

How to: use Twitter

3 August 2015By

When lawyers and PR specialists talk about social media strategy, increasingly they mean Twitter

How to retire

How to: plan for retirement

20 July 2015By

Solicitors should prepare for retirement as they prepared for their careers.

Building trust

How to: help clients build trust

29 June 2015By

Big companies are struggling to retain the trust of those they depend on, which is destroying value in tangible ways. Should they be listening to their lawyers?

How to judge

How to: become a judge

22 June 2015By Grania Langdon-Down

What do solicitors need to consider when applying for a judicial post?

China cartoon

How to: work in China

18 May 2015By Marialuisa Taddia

While China offers stimulating opportunities for UK lawyers, its language and culture present formidable challenges.

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