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Matt gingell

Social media for lawyers: A simple guide

21 September 2018

Some pitfalls to watch out for for those active on social media.


Data page – September 2018

20 September 2018

The latest data page figures, compiled by Moneyfacts, are now available.


SRA: interventions

18 September 2018

A roundup of interventions from 2018

Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal sign

SDT: Eoin William MacCarthy

17 September 2018

The SDT ordered that MacCarthy should be struck off the roll.

Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal

SDT: Drakens Ejovi Mukoro and Gans & Co Solicitors LLP

17 September 2018

The SDT ordered that Mukoro should be struck off the roll; and that Gans & Co should pay a fine of £5,000.

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Paul rogerson

All about the money

17 September 2018By

This week’s news tells two very different stories about civil dispute resolution.

Paul rogerson

A private function

10 September 2018

The Law Society’s role in last week’s landmark privilege ruling should be applauded.

Paul rogerson

Working hypotheses

3 September 2018By

Employment lawyers are in great demand again.

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Sailesh mehta.jpg

Could the US child separation horrors be repeated in the UK?

21 September 2018By Sallesh Mehta, Matt Gingell

The detention of immigrants’ children has become presidential policy. Is the UK immune or could it soon follow the US?

John Hyde

Propaganda on courts upgrade insults our intelligence

20 September 2018By

Nobody expects the testing of new technology to run smoothly - so why pretend it did?

David Barton byline

Solicitors and drink driving

19 September 2018By David Barton

What does the SRA do in cases where behaviour is criminal but not deliberate?

Jonathan Goldsmith

No-deal advice: take action now

18 September 2018By

A torrent of technical papers from DExEU deserves close attention.

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News focus


News focus: Part 36 under the microscope

30 July 2018By

Does the Hislop v Perde judgment mean defendants might be tempted to defer accepting an offer to game the system? And is Part 36 fit for purpose if it allows such behaviour?

Ls lease

How to: lease an office

3 September 2018By Marialuisa Taddia

Taking new accommodation is the biggest change management opportunity in the life of a law firm. Long-term planning is critical to getting it right.

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