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    Law Report

    25 June 2018


    This week’s starred law reports encompass warrants, extradition, damages (including from false imprisonment) and a merger.

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    Law Report

    18 June 2018


    This week’s starred law reports include universal credit and discrimination, right to life and a company merger.

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    Law Report

    30 April 2018


    This week’s starred law reports - including an employment case regarding a junior doctor and review of adequate rest breaks, child tax credits, and a case involving the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion.

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    Law Report

    23 April 2018


    This week’s starred law reports - including landmark right to be forgotten case involving search engine giant Google.

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    Law Report

    16 April 2018


    This week’s starred law reports include a trusts case and the jurisdiction of the High Court, building and construction, criminal defence of victims of slavery or trafficking, and a customs and excise consumer product case.

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    Law Report

    03 April 2018


    This week’s starred Law Reports - a case over jurisdiction, Worboys, and personal injury in the workplace.

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    Law Report

    26 February 2018


    This week’s starred Law Reports - including two landmark human rights decisions in the Supreme Court.

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    Law Report



    The appeal of an extradition order was successful on the grounds that it would be oppressive to extradite him.

  • Teenagers
    Law Report



    Proceedings related to seven children for whom a final care order had been made in respect of each in favour of the same local authority. Some of the children were in foster care and others in specialist placements. All were subject to certain restrictions on their movement or liberty.

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    Law Report



    An appeal raised the issue of whether a litigant in person could recover costs for work undertaken by a foreign lawyer.

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    Law Report



    The third respondent, presently aged 11 months, suffered acute brain injury following severe hypoxia during labour and delivery. He was admitted to the paediatric intensive care ward of the applicant hospital. The hospital applied for declarations that the provision of life-sustaining treatment was no longer in his best interests. The ...

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    Law Report



    Misuse or misappropriation of assets of pension scheme

  • Family/Child
    Law Report



    A transgender father’s appeal against a refusal for direct contact with his five children who belonged to the Charedi Jewish community allowed and remitted for reconsideration.

  • Prison interior
    Law Report



    The appellant was a serving prisoner at a state-run prison. He was a non-smoker and suffered from a number of health problems, which were exacerbated by tobacco smoke, including hypertension and coronary heart disease.

  • Lady-Hale
    Law Report

    Personal injury


    The claimant was injured and her husband killed while on an excursion in Egypt which they had booked through their hotel.

  • Royal Courts of Justice, Strand London
    Law Report



    The Court of Appeal held that the secretary of state’s initial decision withholding consent to the release of the applicant foreign criminal (L) on bail had been made on a rational basis, having had proper regard to the judge’s decision to the contrary.

  • Mental health
    Law Report

    Mental health


    Court of Appeal upheld the High Court’s ruling that it was not lawful for the defendant local social services authority to refuse to provide after-care services to the claimant, on the basis that the claimant had no need of such provision because he was able to fund it himself from ...

  • Phil ivey
    Law Report



    Supreme Court held dishonesty was not an additional legal element of cheating at gambling.

  • Royal mail
    Law Report

    Industrial relations


    Queen’s Bench Division granted an injunction to restrain the defendant Communication Workers Union (CWU) from unlawfully calling strike action.

  • Police
    Law Report



    The Supreme Court, in allowing an appeal against dismissal by the respondent Metropolitan Police Commissioner, held that a tribunal is not barred by the principle of judicial immunity.