Law reports

  • Supreme Court
    Law Report


    11 August 2016

    The full judgment as a claimant is ordered to repay most of his PI settlement.

  • Supreme Court
    Law Report

    Legal aid – residence test

    27 July 2016

    The full judgment from the Supreme Court hearing.

  • Menezes
    Law Report

    Human rights

    14 April 2016

    The European Court of Human Rights dismissed the applicant’s complaint that the decision not to prosecute any individuals in respect of the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes by police officers following terror attacks in London was in breach of the procedural aspect of article 2 of the European convention.

  • Google maps
    Law Report


    2 March 2016

    The Chancery Division made preliminary rulings in a case brought by Streetmap against Google Inc, alleging that Google had abused a dominant position in its provision of the Google Maps service.

  • Leveson
    Law Report

    Human rights

    26 January 2016

    The Divisional Court refused the claimant’s application for a declaration that the effect of the ‘householder’s defence’ in section 76(5A) of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 was incompatible with article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

  • Mirrorpaper
    Law Report


    8 January 2016

    The Court of Appeal, Civil Division, dismissed the defendant newspaper proprietor’s appeals against orders awarding substantial sums to eight claimants for misuse of private information derived from intercepting voicemail messages left on the claimants’ telephones.

  • Liam gallagher
    Law Report


    21 October 2015

    The Family Division ruled in proceedings concerning the reporting of the financial details of Liam Gallagher’s divorce from Nicole Appleton.

  • Banksy art buff
    Law Report

    Landlord and tenant

    19 October 2015

    The Chancery Division held that the claimant was entitled to summary judgment on its claim against Dreamland for delivery up of a mural, attributed to Banksy, which had been removed by Dreamland from the building of which it was the tenant.

  • Mr Justice Green
    Law Report

    Data protection

    2 September 2015

    The Queen’s Bench Division dismissed an application by two Burmese men accused of murdering British citizens in Thailand to view a report compiled by a British police team relating to the Thai investigation.

  • Freddie starr
    Law Report


    28 July 2015

    The claimant, Freddie Starr, issued proceedings against the defendant for slander and libel for words spoken and subsequently broadcast on the BBC and ITV, and contained in an ebook she published.