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    Financial remedies in family proceedings: anonymity


    Wife’s application for a reporting restrictions order to protect identity of son was appropriate in ‘exceptional case’.

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    Planning permission: condition restricting use of premises


    Court held that planning permission granted in 2014 had to be seen through the eyes of ‘the reasonable reader’. 

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    Law Report

    Asylum seeker: detention of child


    Guidance permitting refusal to accept boy’s assertion he was 18 was unlawful.

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    Misconduct in public office: elements


    Divisional Court quashes judge’s decision that there was a proper case to issue a summons against Boris Johnson for three offences of misconduct in public office.

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    Contract of employment: restrictive covenant


    Supreme Court held that words in clause containing restrictive covenants in employee’s contract should be severed and removed.

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    Judicial review: premature claim


    Right to make representations is an appropriate alternative remedy which the taxpayer could and should exhaust before bringing judicial review proceedings.

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    Reinsurance: scope of indemnity


    Appellant reinsurer’s appeal allowed against arbitrator’s decision in indemnity claim case. 

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    Licence to occupy premises: security of tenure


    Appeal dismissed against decision that claimant’s agreement with local authority for occupation of licensed property was not an agreement that attracted security of tenure provisions.

  • Divorce
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    Divorce: habitual residence


    Petition for German national who currently resides in UK to apply for divorce in England and Wales is dismissed. 

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    Starred digests: 28 February 2019


    This week’s law reports include a court ruling in the case of alleged unlawful detention of five claimants pending deportation to Libya. 

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    Disclosure of information: minor offences


    Supreme Court reversed a Court of Appeal judgment in one applicant’s case on the basis it was legitimate to include assault occasioning harm among offences sufficiently serious to require disclosure.

  • Father and child
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    Wrongful removal or retention of a child


    Court allows father’s application for his child to be returned from England to Hungary.

  • IVF treatment
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    Damages for breach of contract


    Father loses damages claim appeal after an IVF clinic implanted an embryo into his former partner without his consent. 

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    Law Report

    17 December 2018


    This week’s starred law reports include Brexit, duty to provide healthcare services, anonymity in court proceedings, and financial provision in divorce. 

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    Law Report

    3 December 2018


    This week’s starred law reports include the dismissal of a Leveson Part 2 inquiry, immigration and asylum, and solicitor dishonesty. 

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    Law Report

    5 November 2018


    This week’s starred digests include limitation, administration, vesting in trustee, and business transfer schemes post-Brexit. 

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    29 October 2018


    This week’s starred law reports include security of tenure, use of personal data for impromper purpose, and the relevance of conduct of parents when considering whether deportation is ’unduly harsh’ on a child. 

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    Law Report

    22 October 2018


    This week’s starred law reports include the appeal of a shipping vessel collision case, personal injury onboard a motor vessel, and pension scheme transfers. 

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    Law Report

    15 October 2018


    This week’s starred law reports include a jurisdictional dispute about where a divorce should take place, sexual orientation discrimination, medical negligence and local authority statutory powers. 

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    19 September


    This week’s law reports include the landmark European court judgment in the long-running Snowden case that mass surveillance by GCHQ violated European law; and a High Court ruling that the Electoral Commission misinterpreted EU referendum spending laws.